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Greg Cunningham

Opening Day 2014 posted by Greg Cunningham

Mitch Albom, in his book The Five People You Meet In Heaven taught us that “…all endings are beginnings. We just don't know it at the time..."  Looking back at the end of the 2012 Boston Red Sox season, little did we know the stage would be set for what many would call the greatest come-back season in Red Sox history.  And without the abysmal ending of 2012, it may never have come to pass.

The season had barely begun, and fans were still trying to learn the names of some of the players, when the character of the 2013 Boston Red Sox was firmly established.  While the echo of explosions could be heard at Fenway Park on April 15th, the reverberations were felt for days, weeks, and months after.  The City of Boston was reminded, and more importantly, reminded itself, that we were strong, we would not cower, we would not give in.  We thanked the real heroes in uniform: the police, fire and EMS departments far and wide who worked tirelessly to provide aid and comfort.  We paused to honor and remember the fatalities: Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu and Sean Collier.  We tried to raise the spirits of those who had lost limbs, and those who almost lost their lives after being wounded.  But Boston refused to act wounded, and rose up as one, unified nation.

In what proved to be a stirring moment of foreshadowing, President Barack Obama provided a call to action: “We come together to celebrate life and to walk our cities and to cheer for our teams [and] when the Sox, then Celtics, then Patriots or Bruins are champions again…the crowds will gather and watch a parade go down Boylston Street…Bet on it!”  The Red Sox did more than bet on it.  They did it.

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Nationals News

MLB Betting And Gambling in the United States posted by Nationals News

Betting on MLB teams is not simply a game of chance, as you can reduce your odds of losing by carefully studying the players in the teams and their stats. It is just like improving your skills in certain casino games like poker and so on. Although there is always the element of luck involved, you can make a major difference and bring down the odds by being skillful in placing your bets. There are many resources available online for sports betting where you can gather detailed information on team statistics, news about individual players, and expert tips by people who have vast experience in this field.

Gambling in United States has come a long way from shady bookies and dim casinos to legalized gambling from the comfort of your home. Placing bets has not only become easy and safe, but there are various resources also available to improve your skills, and increase your chances of winning.

The gambling industry saw a major growth in the United States in the past few decades, when different states adopted specific policies and laws to promote casinos. The excellent model shown by Las Vegas in attracting tourism and stimulating growth could not be ignored by other states, and several laws were implemented to legalize gambling. This also eventually promoted the growth of the online betting industry and online casinos like These casinos have been growing at an impressive rate since their inception roughly a decade ago, and with innovative ideas like sports-themed slots games they have managed to tap into the sports betting audience somewhat as well.

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Astros Fan

Bet To Win On The Astros This Season posted by Astros Fan

There are a few things more exciting than putting your money on your favorite baseball team. The Houston Astros may not be the most dominant franchise in the MLB but it has its own share of fans. If you happen to be one of them, why not root for your team and win a good amount of money at the same time?  Try the MLB run line betting and see how far your luck would take you. 
MLB run line betting is a simple game to play. Here, you will place a wager on a favored team to win by two or more runs, or the underdog squad to lose by one run.  This essentially means that the team with the higher odds of winning must win by two runs or more to cover the 1.5 run line, while the team which is against the odds can lose by just a run and still win the betting game. 
For instance, if the Houston Astros are favorites of the bookies to win over the Minnesota Twins, your team should win by two or more runs in order for you to win the betting game. But if they win by just a single run, those who bet on the Minnesota Twins will win instead of you and other bettors for the Astros. 
The rules are pretty simple, so you should have no problem at all in understanding how the MLB run line betting game is played. In case you like the excitement and fun brought by MLB sports betting, then you may also like to explore other betting options that are available online.  The face of the gambling industry has been changed with the recent influx of smartphones into our society, seeing many people opting to play in online casinos like the  android casino. The online casinos share similar advantages to those held by the online bookmakers. Players can play wherever and whenever they wish from their smartphone without having to glam up and attend land-based casinos like you might expect in a Hollywood blockbuster. Online casinos are not only highly entertaining and engaging, but also yield high pay-offs especially if luck smiles at you. Sports fans are in for a treat too - in an attempt to break into the target audience of online bookmakers many have developed sports themed betting slots. Not a bad call until the season starts!
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Reds Fan

Betting on the Reds in 2013 posted by Reds Fan

Are you a big Cincinnati Reds fan? Are you confident that your team can beat any other team in the MLB? Then you may want to take a chance and win lots of money by picking your team in an online betting game. There are three ways of MLB online betting that you can choose from- money line, run line and over under.

Money line is the easiest type of online betting that you can participate in. The rules are simple- just pick the team you think will win the game. Since you’re a Reds fan, you’d naturally pick your team here. Each team has odds and you simply have to choose the team that will win the ball game. As in any other gambling game, teams with bigger odds of winning will payout less money that the amount that you wagered while teams with lesser chances of winning will have a bigger payout than the amount you have bet.

The other game that you can put your money into is run line betting. In this game, the favored team has a 1.5 run advantage that it has to cover in order for you to win the bet. If your Cincinnati Red win by two or more runs, you win. But if they don’t, you lose the game.

Or you can put your money in over under betting. Here bookies will set a total number of runs scored by the competing teams. You can choose if the total number of runs to be completed in the game is either higher or lower than what was set by the bookies.

Online MLB betting is fun and exciting, however if you can't quite make your mind up over who's going to come out on top or if you're looking for a bit of betting fun during the close-season there are many types of online gambling to get your fix from.

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MLB Baseball 2012 Season Review for Online Betting posted by MLB Fan

NFL and basketball betting are much more popular than MLB betting. However, MLB is less risky than the other two. There are more aspects of the game that you can bet on and this helps to spread out your risk. Betting on the MLB seems more complicated to a lot of people than the NBA and NFL which have slightly simpler systems. Another issue is that the number of teams playing in the major leagues are not as big as in NBA and NFL. Despite these issues wagering on MLB games can be a very rewarding endeavor. The wagers may be more complicated but they present more opportunities to betting which are accurate and with the right information you can make calculated guesses that are probable and hopefully profitable.

As the MLB Baseball season wraps up, the value of online betting cannot be ignored. Online betting agencies have provided MLB fans with the opportunity to wager from the comfort of their homes in a safe and convenient manner. The growth of online betting as well as online gaming in general has helped the industry get better rather than worse. There are clear regulations that help improve sports betting systems so that more and more people are gaining confidence and are participating in the fun. 

The platforms supporting online betting systems have evolved over the years and are now professional and reliable. The same has happen in other parts of the online gaming industry. Online Casinos like where online slots and other casino games can be played is now safe and with some luck, profitably, too. Online casinos have managed to rid the criminal aspects of gambling such as fraud and money laundering to the extent that those associations are no longer linked to online casino. So there has never been a better time to gamble on line.

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Phillies Fan

MLB Baseball: Can Philadelphia Phillies Make a Comeback? posted by Phillies Fan

MLB baseball is very popular with people who love online sports betting. This is partly because the game is of course loved by many in America. However, the main reason is the game allows for more options to people who want to place wagers on their favorite team. A wager can be placed on many different aspects of the game, such as pitching or the run line.

Baseball gets into more specifics when it comes to betting than other sports. This reduces the risk and allows for you to gain more from your calculated guesses. Talking of calculated guesses, another advantage of MLB betting and sports wagers in general, is that you can actually make some probable guesses if you take time to research on the team before placing your wager. This is what the pros do; they may have favourites but they do not have to bet on them. They retain a level of objectivity when determining the odds.

If you are planning to follow the MLB in 2013, then this is going to be an exciting season for you. The year began with anticipation as big teams were showing indications of making major moves and acquisitions, though that has not been as fast as some people had expected, even though this anticipation is still high as major teams are still expected to make a few more moves before the end of January.

If you are a Phillies Fan would you bet on them even after their disappointing performance in the last two seasons? Their disappointing 2012 season forced them to sell, for the first time in six years. This apparently compelled them to rethink their strategy as the made new acquisitions. 

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Twins Fan

MLB Baseball Bets and the Minnesota Twins posted by Twins Fan

MLB baseball events are proving to be quite lucrative for placing bets, and online sports book websites provide the opportunity of placing bets anytime, conveniently from home. Opening an account is very easy, and these websites are quite secure to make online transactions for depositing money into your account. Additionally they also provide various payment options, which make it easy to place various bets without much fuss. Due to advancement in Web technologies, your personal information and credit card number remains safe, without falling prey to hacking attempts. Withdrawals are also safe and secure, and you do not have to wait a long time to enjoy your winnings. 
A good knowledge about the teams and clever betting strategies can improve your winnings quite dramatically. Information pertaining to MLB baseball players and teams is available on many websites including the latest news. Various betting websites also explain various strategies that have worked for many players in the past. However, having proper knowledge about your team is a distinct advantage in placing bets. Consider the Minnesota Twins, which has small revenues, but is considered one of the major teams in MLB. The team is known for its excellent farm system, which has developed many prospects into top players. However, this system may not have delivered for the current season and has taken a major beating. The only prospect worth considering was Miguel Sano, the third baseman; however, he still lacks the required experience and discipline. 
In the minor league the new talents lived up to what was expected, and many of the prospects that were sidelined came back to form. In a surprising move during the offseason, the Twins let go of Ben Revere and Denard Span who were MLB outfielders, and acquired starting pitchers like Trevor May and Alex Meyer from Philadelphia and Washington respectively. This seems to be a smart move, as enhanced pitching depth was necessary. The team also saw the resurgence of Kyle Gibson last year, after he had missed quite a bit of the previous season due to surgery. Minnesota Twins also netted during the start of the season, Byron Buxton an excellent outfielder, and Jose Berrios, who is a right-hander. 
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Blue Jays Fan

How will Toronto Blue Jays Perform in MLB Baseball Bets posted by Blue Jays Fan

For betting on MLB baseball, you need not be an expert, as there are many resources available online that can guide you to make the best wagers. From potential of each player to winning strategies, everything is discussed in detail on these websites. For instance, if you are a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, this season can be quite exciting opportunity to make some profitable wagers. The Toronto Blue Jays were quite lucky this season, as they had the opportunity in building quite a formidable team. Taking advantage of the salary issues with the Miami Marlins, Toronto was able to get Joe Buck a star catcher, great pitchers like Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle, and super star Jose Reyes. This is in addition to the already existing powerful offensive of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. Another recent inclusion, which has increased the winning odds for the team is R.A. Dickey. 
Another major thing playing in Blue Jays favour is the NHL lockout, which has led to decommissioning of Maple Leafs. The Toronto team has also managed to take the lead ahead of New York Yankees for winning the AL East with odds at +150, while the Yankees are trailing behind with +190. The New York team, which was considered a favourite, seems to be declining, as there are ageing players and pitching is not up to the mark. However, they still have a good chance, as they have been winning the AL East title for 12 years out of a total of 15 years play. The odds for New York Yankees of winning the World Series are at 14/1, whereas the odds of Toronto Blue Jays are at 15/2. This is going to be quite close, and betting will be quite exciting.  There is good potential of winning substantial amounts in sports betting through and by playing casino games. Now all this can be done from the comfort of your home, as you can access betting spaces and huge casinos, online. Approaching a bookie for placing a bet on your favourite team is a thing of the past, as you can do the same thing online in a highly secure environment. You also do not have to bother about the legality of the transaction, as most websites are licensed by the authorities to conduct gambling businesses. These sites come under strict government regulations, which means there is much more safety for the player wagering any amount.
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Royals Fan

Prospects of MLB Baseball Betting on Kansas City Royals posted by Royals Fan

Due to the unpredictability of sports in general and of course the MLB, placing a bet for the first time can seem like a mammoth task. It has now become easier to do your homework and work out where to place your hard-earned cash though. The internet is the tool we have to thank for this, with articles such as this and whole sites that are dedicated to giving tips on how to win big.There are other advantages that have come aboutin the online era, mainly advantages that stem from the ease of placing bets online.

Betting has become increasingly convenient and secure in the past few years with the advent of these online casinos and betting websites. Previously one had to depend on bookies or go to land-based casinos to stake a bet or play gambling games. Now you can bet or play a casino game anytime 24/7, as long as you are online. Attitudes have also been changing towards sports wagering, and many people are now inclined to bet on their favorite teams of MLB baseball, as they know there is a very good chance of winning good money. Secondly, with online sports books, you can place bets, just before the start of the game, without leaving your home. 

Not only can you place sports bets in the comfort of your own home, but you can also play your favourite casino games, too, by placing bets at places like  River Belle. These online casinos also provide many options for payments and withdrawals, which gives much better flexibility in betting. You also have a variety of games to play like blackjack and slots along with all the sports betting options ranging from spread bets, scoring options, parlay bets and many more. There is a huge amount of data available on various websites about the prospects of various teams, so that you can take an informed decision on placing the best bets. 

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Cubs Fan

Futures Sports Betting on the Chicago Cubs posted by Cubs Fan

While the opening day for the 2013 Major League Baseball season is not slated to officially kick off until 1 April of 2013, the sport is still a hot topic for sports betting. To some this may seem rather odd given the fact that baseball is not even being played right now. However, there really is no down time in the wide world of sports betting. Actually, the sort of baseball betting being placed right now at online sports betting sites pertains to futures. Futures are a type of sports bet where bets are placed on predictions about futures events and results. This might seem a bit risky and it is but given the risk some terrific odds can be procured that could lead to a rather appealing payout. In this manner, fans such as those of the Chicago Cubs can keep involved with their team.

The betting areas of online sports betting and casino sites will provide odds listed by teams. Online casinos are a bit more new in the field of sports betting but many of them have added bets to their array of games. Some just offer sports themed games instead, which is almost as good – there are even baseball themed  online casino games, like the slots game Hot Shot found in many of the best casinos. Sports bets are a logical step forward from themed slots to better provide entertainment for sports enthusiasts. Odds, for example, are an integral part of any casino game, and for someone used to thinking about them a change of platform can be quite easy, even when they are a lot more complicated when you have to understand the individual players as well as the teams and the whole league.

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MLB Baseball News

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Jeter ends 0-for-28 slump, close to career worst (The Associated Press)

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) -- New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter has snapped his 0-for-28 slump. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Jeter ends long skid, Yankees beat Rays 3-2 (The Associated Press)

Derek Jeter managed to get a hit that had been most elusive. Jeter ended an 0-for-28 slump that was the second-worst of his career, and the New York Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3-2 Wednesday night. The retiring Yankees captain lined a single off Alex Cobb leading off the sixth inning. Jeter had an 0-for-32 stretch in April 2004. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Blue Jays-Yankees Preview (The Associated Press)

The Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees hoped more would be at stake than second place, but the AL East rivals have faded from the playoff chase leading up to this series. The visiting Blue Jays will try to avoid a fifth consecutive loss Thursday night when R.A. Dickey goes after his fourth straight victory over the light-hitting Yankees. Toronto stood 3 1/2 games back and New York was four behind the second wild-card spot on Sept. 11. Since then, the Blue Jays have dropped five of six while the Yankees have gone 2-5, leaving them both six games back with only 11 remaining. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

The Grand Slam: The Angels win eighth straight, have 10-game lead in AL West (Big League Stew%

How great is it to be the Los Angeles Angels right now? They won their eighth straight game Thursday night, beating the Texas Rangers 7-3 , achieving a 10-game lead in the AL West and claiming their 91st win of the season. Neither Mike Trout nor Albert Pujols got a hit, but the Angels got contributions up and down the lineup —a two-run homer from Erick Aybar, a two-run single from Davis Freese, a two-run pinch-hit single from Grant Green. The Angels are too good these days. Even a game like Thursday's, a "bullpen game" in which they used eight pitchers, wasn't a disaster. The Angels have had a few of these bullpen games since ace Garrett Richards went down for the season . Here's a scary fact: the Angels have outscored their opponents 50-14 in their last five games. By comparison ... [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Pirates overwhelm Buchholz, Red Sox in 9-1 win (The Associated Press)

There used to be a time - any year really between 1993-2012 - when reaching 81 wins would be cause for celebration for the Pittsburgh Pirates. These days the certainty of a non-losing season is nothing more than a speed bump on Pittsburgh's resilient quest for a playoff berth. Gregory Polanco, Neil Walker and Ike Davis all homered and the Pirates beat the Boston Red Sox 9-1 on Wednesday night to maintain their grip on the second National League wild card spot. Polanco and Walker hit solo shots off Boston starter Clay Buchholz (8-9) and Davis drilled a three-run blast to center off reliever Steven Wright. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

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