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If you are reading this, I am just like you. The blue collar Phils fan who lives and dies with each inning. DVR-ing the game so you can watch it over and over. I still have 10-29-08 recorded. If you don't know the significance of that date, you really aren't a fan of the Phightins.


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Michael Haftman
Monday 11th May 2009, 9:55am
Rest in Peace, Harry. You were the only one most of us every knew and will always cherish.

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Where will the Phillies be when the smoke clears? posted on 06/08/2009

Ruben Amaro, Jr. has stated time and time again that the Phillies are looking to add a pitcher. A quality top end of the rotation pitcher. While thoughts of Peavy and Halladay and Bedard have danced in our heads, what will be the reality of it all come July 31st at 4 PM? With the current state of the economy, I don't believe that the Phillies will be looking to add a number one or number one-a contract to the salary. Maybe a two or three but definitely not anything above. And just to be clear Dan Haren is a one-a. Where he would definitely be a number one on most legitimate teams. This is pure speculation, but I don't expect more than a Doug Davis or Jason Marquis type of pitcher. If Bastardo can go deeper into games, Happ stays steady, and Moyer continues to improve, or atleast not decline, I believe the Phillies will stand pat with their rotation. They will say that they made the best effort possible for another top flight pitcher but no one would budge on their asking price. Also not to worry because Hamels, Blanton, Happ, and Moyer won it for us last year so they all have the playoff experience to make the team float. So where do the Phillies stand once the smoke clears? I think they look remarkably like they do now, And as far as the smoke goes, I think it is just being blown up our asses.

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Is Donald only worth a Penny? posted on 06/05/2009
Todd Zolecki of MLB.com is reporting that the Phillies have been scouting Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny. The Red Sox supposedly asking for infield prospect Jason Donald. Brad Penny is not the power pitcher he used to be. He has averaged about 5.1 IP/9 this season for Boston. Donald has struggled in the minors this year and his value may decline if he continues sumping, but I would definitely NOT want Penny. Right now Happ and Bastardo are both throwing the ball better. Hopefully this just a rumor and the Phils are scouting others from the Sawx. Ruben realistically could wait until the All-Star break to acquire a front line starter. So for now it's just a waiting game.

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Ibanez early favorite for All Star Game. posted on 06/01/2009
After starting sixth in all star votes, Phillies fans stepped up the in park and online voting to jump Raul Ibanez all the way to second place behind Ryan Braun. The usuals are occupying their places in voting with Utley, Howard, and Rollins all within the top 3. Third baseman Pedro Feliz is quietly putting together an All Star quality season. He currently is 5th in the voting.

The real story is Ibanez. Ibanez came to the Phillies this past offseason to replace Pat (the Bat, the Babe, Man or Machine, etc.) Burrell. Most fans were skeptical of what Ibanez could bring to the team. He would be the third lefty in the heart of the order. He was also 6 years OLDER than Burrell. So far, I would definitely say the Ibanez was well worth the draft pick we gave up. He is out homering a

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Phils take two of three from Yanks. posted on 05/26/2009
The starting pitching was very good over the weekend in the bronx. It all seemed to be on Brad "Lit Up" Lidge as he blew the save and lost the game on Sat. and just blew the save Sun. Bright spot of the weekend was the first hit/HR of prospect John Mayberry, Jr. He got the traditional silent treatment from the rest of the team in response. Lidge's knee is causing such a problem that he is required to wear an orthopedic insert in his right shoe to alleviate the pain. That is a big red flag. He needs to have that taken care of for the second half of the season. I'd rather see him out now than later down the road during the playoff push.

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Blanton Struggles, Pen scoreless in win in rubber match. posted on 05/22/2009
Joe Blanton cruised thru the first four inning and hit the wall in the fifth. He gave up 5 runs in the fifth, but only cut the deficit to one run. The Phillies offense cruised, scoring atleast one run in every inning except the the fourth and ninth. Raul Ibanez tied the lead league in homers at 15 with his blast in the seventh. His three rbis (40) gave him the league lead. Up next the New York Yankees, who have been on fire as of late. I for see a couple of 8-7 games. I can't tell you who will be on top, but the fireworks will be going off in the Bronx this weekend.

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