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I'm a transplanted A's fan now living in the DC metro area. My earliest memory is watching the Gibson home run in 1988. I’ve been following the A’s since the days of the Bash Brothers (McGwire and Canseco), through the years of Velarde, Piatt, Tejada, and the Giambi’s and now into the Cust-era. I think what I’m trying to say is I love the A’s as much as the A’s love steroids.

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Bobby Crosby on Outright Waivers...Will anyone bite? (Update: No) posted on 12/19/2008

This could be a short post.  No, no one will bite and claim Bobby Crosby and his $5.25 million contract.  For the sake of completeness, though, let's run through who might conceivably pick up Crosby. 

The Padres' current options at shortstop are Luis Rodriguez and Everth Cabrera.  Rodriguez will be 29 next season and in three seasons of part time play has a career line of .257/.316/.343.  That's bad, but he's also cheap and the Padres aren't going anywhere this year anyways.  There's no reason they'd pay over $5 million for a guy who will probably only be slightly better and has a very small chance of being somewhat decent (albeit a greater chance than Rodriguez who has almost no chance of being decent).  Cabrera, a Rule 5 pick, is most likely bench fodder, having not played above low-A ball.  But since he has to stay on the big league club if the Padres want him, they may as well see what he can do and play Rodriguez if Cabrera is overmatched.  Odds they claim Crosby - 1/100

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Dance Over - Furcal Goes Home with the Braves (Well, Dodgers I guess) posted on 12/16/2008

With Rafael Furcal turning down the A's and going to play for the Braves, the A's now have to look at other options of what to do with the money they had budgeted to signing Furcal.  Most of what I said last time it looked like the A's were out of the running still applies.  We still know the A's are willing to spend about $15 million extra in payroll for next season.  We know they are comfortable signing a player for up to 4 years.  We know, or at least I still believe, that the A's should try to compete in 2009, but do not yet have a roster that could make a serious run at the playoffs.  There are a few things that have changed, though, some good and some bad for the A's.

  • The Yankees signed CC Sabatia and AJ Burnett.  Regardless of what you think of the signings' affect on the Yankees payroll in the future, there is little doubt that these pitchers will make the Yankees a much better team in 2009.  These moves basically ensures that the AL Wild Card winner will come from the East.  Two of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays will make the playoffs.  The A's shot at a playoff spot liss solely in their ability to win the AL West.

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FA Bargain Bin, Also Furcal Dance Continues posted on 12/15/2008

It looks like the A's are once again in the hunt for Rafael Furcal.  It looks like the A's are willing to up their offer by one or two million a year up to a four year - $44 million deal, and that Furcal is considering it.  It's right in the range of figures I guessed he'd get. so if this turns out to be the final deal I'll be happy. 

A Furcal signing would alo likely be the last of the A's big free agent moves.  Maybe if the A's can find a taker for Bobby Crosby (doubtful) they'd have some money to make another signing.  However, with a wide open rotation (only Duchscherer and maybe Eveland are guaranteed spots) the A's are known to be looking for a veteran to help round out the staff.  The A's have plenty of OK options to fill out the rotation, but adding a few cheap alternatives in the mix couldn't hurt.  A couple of guys who were non-tendered last week would fit this description.

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A's Minor (League) Transactions posted on 12/12/2008

Nothing big happened for the A's at the Winter Meetings in Vegas, but they have made a few minor moves over the past few weeks.  Here are there moves in reverse chronological order:

12/11/08 Selected OF Ben Copeland from the Giants in the Rule 5 draft.

It looks like the A's grabbed Copeland hoping he'll be able to compete with Rajai Davis for a 4th or 5th OF spot.  All it cost the A's was $50,000, so I guess it'll be worth seeing if his defense is as good as Davis' and if he can be a bit more useful with the bat.  His minor league numbers are fairly mediocre )(a career .281/.367/.422) but he does run well, having stolen 24 bases last year.  There's probably a 25% chance he sticks on the major league roster and it's unlikely he'll ever be a starter, but there wasn't much available in the Rule 5 draft this year and the A's don't really have room in the bullpen to stash a reliever with upside (Eduardo Morlan, part of the Delmon Young for Matt Garza trade, fits this description).

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Giambi to the A's? posted on 12/09/2008
Apparently, the A's are about to sign Jason Giambi to a free agent deal.  I'm a bit skeptical, so more on this if/when the deal is officially announced.

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